the 7Q philosophy Acquire the portfolio perspective Our investment approach Our values and standards   7Q Financial Services will strive to enhance your investment process by providing truly independent advice and innovative solutions for your investment outlook.

Open architecture – keeping options open

Our open architecture approach safeguards our independence and objectivity and ensures the best solution to fit your specific needs. This is an investment platform that makes available to clients a broad array of third-party managers and strategies, and in which there is no bias as to the manager or strategy chosen to meet clients' objectives.

The open architecture model is based on the principles of independence and choice. It eliminates conflicts of interest. We will align our interests with those of the investor to achieve a harmonious coexistence.

  7Q has established a diverse network of high-level professional contacts in various banking institutions and financial service providers. Together we will carefully select one, or a number of banks or brokers to best execute and manage your investments.

7Q leverages its close relations with these institutions to negotiate better terms of business and ultimately achieve a simplified lower cost solution.

7Q sits between the investor and various banks and brokers in order to evaluate and consolidate research, provide intelligence and advice based on the client's true needs. We advise on innovative ways to gain exposure to a client's chosen investment theme and generally manage the relationship so as to allow the investor to enjoy peace of mind while focusing on decisions that are truly important.

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Risk Warning: Trading in financial instruments may result in losses as well as profits. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Trading in derivatives (e.g. options, futures, swap contracts) could result to the loss of the whole capital invested. Derivatives are bilateral contracts whose value depends upon the value of an underlying asset or index. Trading in leveraged financial instruments may result in losses greater than the initial invested capital. You should only invest in derivatives or leveraged financial instruments if you posses the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the risks involved, the investment meets your investment objectives and you are financially able to bear the investment risks.  For further information on risks inherent in investing, click here.